Billboard on wheels.

Truck wraps have become increasingly popular in Australia and are no doubt an affordable marketing solution for new and established businesses. If your business owns a truck, why not make use of it and turn it into a Billboard on wheels? It is an excellent choice for high visibility, your brand is guaranteed to get exposure wherever the truck goes!

We work with you to design the perfect wrap for your truck or fleet, whether you're after a classy design or one that attracts attention.

Being a printing company, we digitally print and cut vinyl wraps ourselves; this means we have complete control over the quality and are able to offer competive prices whilse using quality materials for best possible result.

At Peter Sung Design, Print and Signs, our business evolves around you, that's why we work with each customer to ensure minal downtime and your truck is back on the road in no time.

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Some of our work...

Tamarix Eggs

For the Tamarix truck wraps we've used a combination of 3M colour vinyl and digital printed graphics on 3M decal material to achieve the design our customer want; at the same time deliver longer lasting lifespan by opting for engineered coloured vinyls where we can. A good-quality vinyl wrap can last for the better part of a decade!

Demiri Transport

This is a vinyl cut truck wrap. Vinyl cuts are one of the most cost effective methods and with quality vinyl used it can last up to 10 years. However this method is only suitable for graphics as presented above, simple logo without gradient, shadow or special effects.

Morinda Towing

Another vinyl cut job, however the graphics had to be digitally printed then laminated with outdoor limination film for protection against UV and minor scratches and finally cut and the non printed areas gets thrown away. This method is much cheaper than fully wrap a truck and would work quite well with a realitively new truck with clean body.