At Peter Sung Design, Print and Signs we offer 3 different types of 3D cut signs; aluminium 3d lettering, acrylic 3d lettering and stainless steel 3d lettering. Our raw material comes in a wide range of thicknesses and colours for choices. Our signs are manufacture to the highest quality using top quality materials at a competitive price and all comes with a 12 months warranty.

Our fabricated 3D signs are eye-catching, the raised letter logo brings out its importance allowing it to stand out of the crowd. Whether it's aluminium lettering, acrylic lettering or stainless steel lettering; we can help you create a unique sign that will give your business a positive impact.

3d aluminium lettering sign


Fabricated Aluminium | Thickness from 1mm - 10mm.

We offer a range of Aluminium 3D Letter Sign, available in various shapes and sizes. 3D Aluminium Letters can be used indoor and outdoor, each letters are precisely fabricated to your design and specifications. 3D Aluminium Letter Signs are widely used as Shop Sign, School Sign, Building and Complex Sign.

Our 3D Aluminium Letters are fabricated, which means they are hollowed inside this makes it easy to install and cheaper to produce. The 3D Aluminium letters are cut from a sheet of aluminium using a computer controlled CNC router that delivers accurate cuts letter by letter, then weld together to form the 3 dimensional shape.

Other advantage of using aluminium for a 3D Letter includes: Weather resistance, Precisely designed, and enhance Durability. These aluminum letters can be further decorated by painting, polishing or anodising to enhance the finish.

outdoor 3D acrylic sign


Solid Acrylics | Availabe in many colours and thickness.

Acrylic letters offer a highly cost effective solution for 3D Leter signs and are widely used for - Retail shop signs, office signs and Warhouse signs. Our Solid Acrylic 3D letters are cut with precision using CNC router, there is almost no limitation in terms of shape and size. We offer 2 types of 3D Acrylic Letter - Solid Letters and Fabricated Letters.

For Solid 3D Acrylic Letters you have to bare in mind that the thickness of the acrylic sheet determines the depth of the sides of the letter which creates the 3D appearance, it's important to choose the right thickness to the size of your 3D letters for best result which we will guide you with. Our Acrylics are avaialbe in 8mm to 25mm in thickness, clear (transparent) or coloured.

Fabricated 3D Acrylic Letters are made using cast acrylics, a form of poly(methyl methacylate) which can be heat manipulated into the desired form/shape. This procedure ensures there is no tension on the bends so that it stays in shape.

We also offer Design and Installation for 3D letter signs - ask us for a quote!

3D Acrylic Letters with upgade option for Illumination
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3d crylic with brushed metal finish sign


Also available in different finishes

3D Acrylic Letters looks great in general, but a Clear Acrylic Letter with a textured finish is just beautiful. Just like our other 3D Letters, these 3D Clear Acrylic with Textured Finish can be used indoor and outdoor.

Our 3D Acrylic with Textured Finish can be made using clear or coloured acrylic, although we quite like the idea of using clear acrylic combined with the brushed metal finish which creates an illusion that the 3D letters are floating above the surface. These are solid 3D Acrylic Letters, cut to precision with a computer controlled CNC router. The Acrylic sheets which we cut out of, available in 8mm to 25mm.

The textured finish is actually a textured adhesive vinyl which we carefully apply on top of each 3D cut acrylic letters. There are quite a variety of textures you could choose from.

For design or installation of 3D Acrylic letters visit us at our Dandenong office or call us on (03) 9028 5288 for a quick quote.
Contact us for information or quote info@petersung.com
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New signage for our clients new office, transit automotive specialise in ford and Renault van servicing/repair.
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