Peter Sung has been a graphic designer since the year 2001, his passion for design and professional experience in this area is the driving force behind his business.

Peter's wife Linda also shares a passion for design, coming from an art background, Linda is also skilled in illustration, painting and photography.

By offering logo design at an affordable price, we often see clients returning for their printing and signage needs, this is one of the main advantages for both us and our clients. The simplicity of an integrated design, print and signage studio means we are able to build a strong relationship with our clients saving them time, money and unnecessary headaches.
We also offer a vector logo redraw service, which quite often is required when logos are lost or are lacking in quality. This varies between $60 - $90+GST.

If you require a logo design, we guarantee to help create one which will make a positive impact.

basic custom logo design service
Basic Logo Design - $75 +GST
(simple characters no tracing required) 1-5 changes.
complex custom logo design service Complex Logo Design - $200 +GST
(usually requires more illustration work) - (no limit on changes)
standard custom logo design service
Standard Logo Design - $120 +GST
5-10 changes

Why a professional design logo is needed?

A well-crafted logo is one of the most effective forms of marketing you can invest in and the first step to designing a great business card, flyer, banner, sign etc. Getting a new logo design for your business is not that hard or costly, there is absolutely no reason why any business using a DYI low resolution logo...your logo is the image of your business. 'One shouldn't judge a book by its cover' but how often do we preach his phrase? a majority of us are drawn to things with visual appeals unconsciously.

Surprisingly enough through our 10years in the business we have come across far too many unprofessionally low resolution logos that are either designed by the owner or a friend using Microsoft Word or Paint. We're not saying you can’t or it’s wrong, but if you are going to print a large banner the size of the average door which is roughly 80cm wide or getting your shop sign made, your printer will request for a high resolution logo.

Some of our work...

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